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Welcome to the Hillsborough County Strategic Plan

The seventh question for this communty is "if we want to attract some of the best minds to Hillsborough County one action we should take is"? To offer your ideas, click on the submit idea button. You will register and then you can offer ideas and/or votes and comment on ideas others have generated.

There are six other questions to which you can contribute ideas and comment upon the ideas of others. Please register, offer your ideas and vote and comment. You can change your vote after reading comments if you wish. Ideas have already been offered about major changes that will impact the county. Please review those.

HOW TO USE THIS SITE. You can offer more than one idea to a question if you wish. However please give one idea at a time to a question so that each idea can be voted upon by itself. Also to clarify the title line is meant to be a brief title for your idea. The Comment area allows you to explain it. In addition to offering ideas you can read and vote on the ideas others have offered.

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